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This blog was originally created out of boredom, but is now being used as a private place for me to completely express myself. This is a private blog for my eyes only. It was re-opened and revised on June 16, 2010.

Please don't read any farther on this blog unless you're me... thanks!
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i'm back! but i know you don't care. (:

 i know, i suck at updating this. :| it's been about a month? i'm surprised most of you didn't remove me from your friend's lists. xD

so, i bought SHINee's new album last night on iTunes! it's awesome! i'm genuinely happy and i think it was worth the $10 that i spent. (: now i don't have to spend so much money on yesasia; see, i was going to buy the album on iTunes and on yesasia so that i could have a digital copy and a hard copy. but i changed my mind. xD i'll just get posters or stickers or something from yesasia. i mean, it doesn't make that much sense to buy the same thing again just so that i can have the cover art... that's only something i could see myself doing for g-dragon / big bang. ^_^

even though i haven't been on here for a while, i've still been on the computer every day. :) i just spend all of my time on tumblr now... which is starting to get very dull, very fast. :/ but i was starting to work on my coding over the last week.

and omg, my sister just got here from north carolina!~ i'll blog again later.

yes taeyang, i'm ready for SOLAR!

 hello! it's been a couple of days, huh? i finally got a chance to introduce myself to other k-pop fans here on LJ. they all seem really nice so far and have interesting posts. :D i hope i didn't scar any of you with my last post... kekeke ^^

anyway, instead of always talking about myself and what's going on in my dull and monotonous life, i thought i'd post about how excited i am for taeyang's new album, SOLAR

here are the song previews that he's leaked already if you haven't heard them yet: 

1. Intro (SOLAR)
2. Superstar
3. Just A Feeling
4. You're My
7. Break Down

i love each and every song so far. they sound amazing! his voice is so westernized and YG has the most perfect producers! having choice 37, teddy, kush and g-dragon working together on one album shouldn't even be legal! it's just not fair to all of the other k-pop groups! xD (i'm YG biased) <3

i definitely plan on buying this album and playing it on repeat all summer long. which preview is your favorite?
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big bang > shinee + beast. no doubt.

 i'm starting to like it a lot here at livejournal. i like all of the layouts, blogs, and k-pop updates. the only thing that i don't like so far is how hard it is to connect with other k-pop fans... it's a lot easier on tumblr. the girls are also 1000 times more spazzier, haha. :D but hopefully i'll get to know some of the girls on here as well. 

but my main reason for blogging on lj isn't to make friends (although it will be fun meeting people), but it's about expressing myself and having a place to actually blog how i want. wordpress just plain out sucks, blogger is boring, tumblr isn't good for long journal entries, xanga is too amateur, etc. livejournal is perfect. ;)

so, graduation practice tomorrow at 8 in the morning and again on friday at 8, and then i graduate from high school. :D i keep forgetting to bring my yearbook to school, so it's still half-empty. xD hopefully i'll remember to bring it tomorrow so people can start filling it up. i don't want to look in my yearbook 20 years from now and feel like a loser! lol. 

i was thinking about checking out other k-pop groups besides big bang, shinee and beast. i just recently started liking shinee, but i've liked beast since their debut. however, i love big bang more than both of those groups combined (and about a million times more after that). xD big bang will be my favorite k-pop group forever, most likely. g-dragon is my favorite k-pop idol, i admire him so much. i even own a fansite for him called gdbias, where i spam pictures, videos, and quotes of his. i love him. 

well, i have a lot of things to do, and it's already 2:00 PM. T__T; i shall update again soon! and thanks for reading! <3
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